Title: Flowering plants of Sholas and grasslands of the Nilgiris (English)

N. Krishnakumar, P.S. Udayan, S.P. Subramani and  R. Anandalakshmi

Year: 2013
Number of pages: 567
Price: Rs. 1150/-
Summary of Book: Provides taxonomical and related information about all known flowering plants occurring in Sholas and grasslands of Nilgiris.........
Title: Field guide on Insect Pests and some important fast growing indigenous tree species (English)

A. Raja Rishi, A. Balu, R. Mahalakshmi

Year: 2013
Number of pages: 234
Price: Rs. 156/-
Summary of Book: Information on various types of pests, mode of infestation of the pests on the plants, assessment of damage or insect population level in nurseries, control measures.
Title: Eco Friendly Approaches for Rehabilitation of Mine spoils (English)

A.Karthikeyan, and N.Krishnakumar

Year: 2013
Number of pages: 246
Price: Rs. 88/-
Summary of Book: Information on selection of suitable tree species, biofertilizers and bio manuares for complete ecological restoration.
Title: Advance in Casuarina Research in India Proceeding of 2nd National Seminar (English)

R.S.C. Jayaraj, N. Krishnakumar, A.Nicodemus and Rekha R.Warrier

Year: 2012
Number of pages: 245
Price: Rs. 340/-
Summary of Book: Reference material for Casuarina research going on in the country.
Title: Principles and Applications of Frankia (English)

A.Karthikeyan and N.Krishnakumar

Year: 2012
Number of pages: 245
Price: Rs. 66/-
Summary of Book: Research findings of Frankia, principles, its applications for the benefit of Casuarina growers, Forest departments and wood based industries.
Title: குமிழ் (தமிழ்)

S. Saravanan

Year: 2012
Number of pages: 123
Price: Rs. 45/-
Summary of Book: Information about Gmelina arbore, its history, uses.
Title: Consultative workshop on Strategies for formulation of Forest Genetic Resources Management Network FGRMN (English)

K. Palanisamy, K. Krishnakumar, R. Anandalakshmi, C. Kunhikannan, and Hukum Singh

Year: 2011
Number of pages: 122
Price: Rs. 1123/-
Summary of Book: The status of FGR, Conservation measures, research and development and related issues available with different stakeholders of FGR.
Title: Manual of Economically Important Forestry Species in South India (English)

N. Krishnakumar, K. Palanisamy, Maheswar Hedge, Kannan C.S.Warrier 

and M.Krishnamoorthy

Year: 2010
Number of pages: 687
Price: Rs. 1126/-
Summary of Book: Details about the important forestry tree species such as Taxonomy, distribution, utility, reproductive biology, genetics, silviculture, pest and diseases in South India.
Title: Nursery Pests and their Management ( Malayalam)

John Prasanth Jacob

Year: 2011
Number of pages: 123
Price: Rs. 110/-
Summary of Book: Management of the Nursery pests
Title: Tree Borne Oil Seeds (English)

R.S.C. Jayaraj, Ananthalakshmi, and N.Krishnakumar

Year: 2010
Number of pages: 145
Price: Rs. 80/-
Summary of Book: Suitable Tree Borne Oil seeds in Tamil Nadu and its management.
Title: FORESTERS ’Biofertilizers and BioManures (Malayalam)

Dr.V.Mohan, Dr.A.Karthikeyan

Year: 2011
Number of pages: 136
Price: 58
Summary of Book: Use of Bio-fertilizers and Bio-manures, techniques for their production, methods of application and maintenance.
Title: FORESTERS ’Malai Vembu (Tamil)

Dr.Rekha R.Warrier

Year: 2011
Number of pages: 112
Price: 83
Summary of Book: Information booklet on Melia dubia collected through literature survey, field studies and personal communications.
Title: FORESTERS’Regional Yield and Carbon Table for Plantations of Casuarina Equisetifolia in farmlands of Tamil Nadu (English)

Sh.R.Ravi, Dr.C.Bhuvaneswaran,Sh.S.Saravanan, Sh.K.Rajgopal, Sh.R.S.C.Jayaraj

Year: 2010
Number of pages: 128
Price: 48
Summary of Book: To assess the yield of Casuarina wood before selling
Title: FORESTERS’Abstracts of Publications 1988-2008(English)

Dr Krishnakumar, N., Dr Kunhikannan, C.,Dr Sasidharan,K.R. and Manikandan,P.

Year: 2010
Number of pages: 200
Price: 215
Summary of Book: To develop basics skills in Forest Entomology
Author: Mohan Varghese, A. Nicodemus, B. Nagarajan, K.R. Sasidharan, Siddappa, S.S.R. Bennet and K.Subramanian Publication
Year: 2000
Number of pages: 126
Price: 320
Summary of Book: A compilation of the theoretical and practical aspects of Seedling Seed Orchards (SSOs) with emphasis on the tropical tree species. Tree breeders, practicing foresters and students of forestry will find this book useful for planning establishing and managing SSOs for enhancing productivity.
Title: CASUARINA - Improvement and Utilization
Author: K. Gurumurthi, A. Nicodemus, Siddappa
Year: 2001
Number of pages: 218
Price: 400
Summary of Book: A compilation of results from the recent improvement and utilization research on casuarinas in India. The book covers area like tree improvement, physiology, biotechnology, silviculture, management, performance and utilization of casuarinas. A useful book for all working with casuarinas.
Author: S.K. Bagchi, Mohan Varghese, Siddappa
Year: 2002
Number of pages: 211
Price: 180
Summary of Book: The book is compilation of research and development work in various research organizations. Intended to make available packages and expertise in research institutes, forest based industries and state forest departments for the benefit of the scientific and farming community. Major areas covered are breeding and tree improvement, physiology, tissue culture wood utilization and management of eucalypts.
Title: Genetic Improvement and Propagation of Forest Trees
Author: S.S.R. Bennet, K. Subramaninan, A. James Kurian
Year: 2000
Number of pages: 167
Price: 225
Summary of Book: A compilation of course materials prepared by the scientists and forest officers of IFGTB for Indian Forest Service compulsory training Course. The book deals with the various aspects of improvement of forest tree species, highlighting the emerging trends in forest genetics; including genetic engineering, tissue culture, application of molecular markers and hybridization techniques for breeding and conservation programmes. Identification of various disease / pest problems and their management; production, management and processing techniques for the procurement of quality seeds, are the salient features outlined.
Title: Clonal Multiplication of Eucalypts
Author: K. Vivekanandan, K. Gurumurthi, and R.S.C. Jayaraj
Year: 1997
Number of pages: 65
Price: 200
Summary of Book: This manual highlights the clonal strategy, various types of hardware required for clonal propagation and their assemblage, pest and disease problems in green house, nursery and field, comprehensive selection of candidate plus trees, methods used for clonal trials and planning for genetic improvement of species which can continuously provide newer clones for propagation programm. The manual is useful for forest departments, forest corporations and private industries.
Title: Industrial-cum -Demonstration Workshop on Clonal Forestry
Author: K. Subramanian, K. Gurumurthi, R.S.C. Jayaraj and K.C.S. Warrier
Year: 1998
Number of pages: 100
Price: 91
Summary of Book: The proceedings of the workshop provides information on tested technologies that can be transferred to State Forest Departments and industries. Technologies that are jointly developed/implemented through Joint forest technology development approach and technologies with future implications that need to be sponsored by the SFDs and industries. It also focuses on specific recommendations for joint forest technology development and fund support to frontier areas.
Title: CASUARINAS Tree of Multiple Utility
Author: K.N. Subramanian, P.E. Bedell, K. Gurumurthi, M. George, A.K. Mandal, S.R. MadhavanPillai, B. GurudevSingh
Year: 1992
Number of pages: 115
Price: 160
Summary of Book: A comprehensive compilation of taxonomy, genetic resources, seed biology, silviculture, agroforestry, pest and diseases, utilization, marketing and economics of casuarinas including biotechnological approaches.